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Today is a special day and this is a special post!
Why? Well, today is Super Junior's Kim Kibum's birthday and this is my 100th entry (which is kinda sad, knowing that this journal was created in early 2005)!


- Picspam & Videos & Music -
might be not dial-up friendly

1. Eeteuk (Park Jungsu)

The Leader. 25 this year.

2. Kim Heechul

His nickname says it all: Cinderella. 25 this year.

3. Hankyung/Hangeng

The Chinese member. 24 this year.

4. Yesung

The guy with the small hands and the artistic voice. 24 this year (his birthday is in 3 days!).

5. Kangin (Kim Youngoon)

The strong one. 23 this year.

6. Shindong (Shin Dong Hee)

The funny guy. 23 this year.

7. Lee Sungmin

The one who loves pink. 22 this year.

8. Eunhyuk (Lee Hyuk Jae)

The silly one. 22 this year.

9. Lee Donghae

The airhead. 22 this year.

10. Choi Siwon

The one with the dimples. 21 this year.

11. Kim Ryeowook

The pretty one. 21 this year.

12. Kim Kibum

The serious/mature one. Turned 21 today!

13. Cho Kyuhyun

The one with the pretty voice/the young one. 20 this year.

14. Zhou Mi

The guy whose nickname is Siwon. 22 this year. Only a member of the subgroup Super Junior M.

15. Henry Lau

The violin boy. 19 this year. Only a member of the subgroup Super Junior M.

16. Super Junior

All of the above minus Zhou Mi and Henry.
Formed in 2005 by SM Entertainment, with Kyuhyun being added to the group in 2006.

17. Super Junior K.R.Y

As the initials suggest, this group is formed by Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. They mostly sing ballads.

18. Super Junior T

aka Super Junior Trot. Members (from the left to the right): Shindong, Heechul, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Kangin and Eeteuk.

19. Super Junior M

aka Super Junior Mandarin/Super Junior China. Members (from the left to the right): Zhou Mi, Ryeowook, Henry, Siwon, Hangeng (the leader), Donghae and Kyuhyun.
As the name suggests, their songs are in Chinese.

20. Super Junior H

aka Super Junior Happy. Members (from the left to the right): Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Kangin, Eeteuk and Yesung.
Their songs try to make you feel happy. :)

21. Super Junior Show

The one with the diaries. I chose Kangin's diary because it's really funny :)

22. Mystery 6

Because I am, and I can't even look.
Yeah well, basically this show is about Donghae having bad dreams and an evil ghost that holds a grudge.

23. KM Princess Diary

I have no idea... seems like they take around a girl for a day, her being the "princess"?

24. Super Junior Full House

This show made me fall in love with SuJu, so it holds a very special place in my heart!
In 2006, the boys of Super Junior (actually only Heechul, Hangeng, Kangin, Donghae, Siwon and Kibum, with cameos by everyone else) get two homestay guests, Anya and Eva. A few of the things they do during the 13 episodes: visit a sauna, visit the English Village, go on a Membership Training and so much more!

25. Super Adonis Camp

The members go on a "vacation" :)

26. Super Junior Mini-Drama

The members divide into two groups and write screenplays for short films.
It's pretty much like fanfiction, but on TV.

27. Idol World

The Super Junior T members are being "kidnapped" by Idol World.

28. Super Summer

Siwon, Donghae and Kibum go on dates during summer.

29. Explorers of the Human Body

All members of Super Junior try out myths about the human body. Are you able not to laugh when you are tickled? Is there a different stomach for rice cake? Can you trick a dog's sense of smell? How long can you stay underwater?

30. To Be Kangin and Heechul

Behind the scenes: Kangin and Heechul prepare for their upcoming musical.

31. Rainbow Romance

Honorable Mention: six members had roles in this TV drama. This clip features Eeteuk, Kangin and Kibum, but Heechul, Hangeng and Eunhyuk were in it as well!

32. Attack on the Pin-Up Boys

In 2007 all members of Super Junior (without Eeteuk and Kyuhyun, who were still recovering from an accident) came together to shoot the awesomeness that is this movie. ♥
It's about an attacker who hits various school's flower boys (pretty boys) with shit. Kibum investigates, while Siwon, Kangin and Heechul fight over who of them should be the next to get hit by shit and become famous.

33. Twins (Knock Out)

34. You Are the One

35. Miracle

36. U

37. Dancing Out

38. Full of Happiness

39. Wonder Boy (Attack on the Pin-Up Boys Song)

40. Don't Don (Don = Money/Insanity)

41. Marry U

42. K.R.Y. - The One I Love

43. K.R.Y. - Just You (w/o subtitles)

44. T - Rokkuko

45. M - U

46. H - Cooking? Cooking!

47. H - Pajama Party

48. SuJu & DBSK - Show Me Your Love

49. SMTOWN - Red Sun

50. SMTOWN - Snow Dream

51. SMTOWN - Let's Go on a Trip (w/o subtitles)

52. SMTOWN - Only Love

53. Miracle

54. OVER

55. So I

56. L.O.V.E.

57. Way for Love

58. U

59. Endless Moment

60. Man in Love

61. Dancing Out

62. First Snow

63. Wonder Boy

64. M - Me

65. Are You Ready (Yesung Solo)

66. H - Cooking? Cooking!

67. H - Pajama Party

68. H - Sunny

69. T - Rokkuko

70. Heechul & Kangin

71. Ryeowook & Kyuhyun

72. Heechul & Hangeng Shower Pic

73. Hangeng & Siwon

74. Yesung & Ryeowook

75. Kangin & Eeteuk ~ Suck and Blow Game

76. Eunhyuk & Donghae (by popular demand 8D)

77. Donghae & Kibum pre-debut

78. Sungmin & Ryeowook & Kyuhyun

79. Kangin & Eeteuk

80. Kangin & Eeteuk

81. Heechul & Kibum

82. 2005 Promo Shot

83. Taiwanese U Single Cover

84. Graffiti

85. Converse FTW

86. U Costumes

87. Don't Don Costumes

88. It's a Car!

89. Ivy Club AD (theme: Peter Pan - Indians & Pirates)

thanks to dancingpoptart and loveminor for explaining the picture to me :D

90. Super Show Promo

91. Super Junior Happy Anti-Smoking Ad

92. Heechul's Audition

93. Hangeng bearing the Olympic Torch

94. Their Laughing Sounds

95. Spending Time with Children ♥

96. Project for a Warm Heart - Spending Time with Elderly People

97. Tounge Twister - Can you do it?

98. Heechul and Heebum, his cat, visit Yesung

99. Music Video Parodies

100. 2006 Mutizen Song Awards ~ Super Junior Crying

(I just uploaded it, might take a while before it's available, sorry ^^; )
As much as I admire their music videos, their shows and their sketches, this might be a video that I will watch in the future, after propably forgetting so much I put in this picspam, and still, it will make me feel heartbroken and happy at the same time, and while I will feel the tears running down my cheeks, I will remember that even though the members are famous, they are still normal people, and that's why you should love them.

haeaday | hangengaday | heechuladay | hyukaday | kanginaday | kibumaday | kyuaday | minaday | ryeoaday | shindongaday | siwonaday | sjloveaday | sujugifaday | teukaday | yesungaday
& 0rien's KangTeuk Picspam
& carmendove's Introduction of the Members
& asianfanatics
& soompi

So, this is my first official picspam, and I hope you could enjoy it ♥
Disclaimer: This entry was written under the influence of "Rokkuko". Read at your own risk.
Tags: !picspam, !uploads, fandom: super junior
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omg ILU ;____;

There's bajilions reasons to love them but since it's 100th entry let's enjoy those 100 now :D
Haha :D

I agree... I had so many pictures and videos I wanted to share, but I had to cut it down!


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

I love you so much right now~
I adore the videos, so thank you! ^o^ (I fail at finding Suju videos on my own. xP)
What will you do when you reach 200? 8D
Haha :D
My friend I got obsessed with SuJu found most of the non music video videos... There was more, but I only had 100 spots...
Take a guess ;)

Deleted comment

Actually three times because of 76 haha.
Ah! I shall replace one of the Kangteuk images with Eunhae 8D
Haha, then do it! :) I certainly will!
#89 - Ivy Club ad. They were pirates and Indians (Peter Pan theme) :)
Ah, thank you :D
Pirates and Indians? Looks like some Bavarian mountain climbing to me ^^;
^^ ♥ ♥
I totally agree ♥
no. 89's the ivy club cf:D
Ah, thank you :D

But, srsly, where's the EunHae? D8 ♥

Anyways. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I will replace a Kangteuk picture with an Eunhae picture later 8D

I'm always too lazy to browse YouTube for videos myself, so YAY xD Unfortunately I don't have the time to go through the post right now, but I already faved it and will definitely take my sweet time to enjoy it later. Thank you so much for putting this together. Nothing can go wrong when it's done under the influence of Rokkuko <3
I'm so glad you like it :D

Well, Rokkoku to me is what alcohol is to other people haha, so this post got kinda... big.


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

i have a question.
how come kibum's not in any of the subgroups?
He joined SM as an actor, he has a ton of acting jobs that keep him from joining any subgroups.


9 years ago


9 years ago

LOL The photo of Siwon was photoshopped for the shibrow_macros community.
Here is the original:

I adore this picspam BTW :)
LOL You're right! Damn, I didn't even notice. I was too distracted by the dimples! I will change it.

Thank you :)
WOW. thanks. :)) i love this picspam. :)))
You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
HOLY MOLY!!!! DUUUUUDE!!!! that is a HELL of a alot of super junior stuff o-0 and THANKS FOR UPLOADING!!! i got to see soooomany vids i have never seen before XD THANKS!!! soooo much LOVE OUR BOYS!
You're very welcome!

Wow, this must have taken you a lot of effort!


August 24 2008, 18:56:11 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  August 24 2008, 19:11:58 UTC

Ah, about 4 or 5 hours... but I just love Super Junior to bits and I was also procrastinating my English project, so no harm done 8D
Hey, i just stumbled upon your lj by accident and this is a totally fabulous Super Junior spam post. <3

I just got into the whole Super Junior fandom about 3 months ago and what you said about them changing your life - totally got me cos they changed my life completely too. I am everything i am today because of them. *sniffles*

LOLS, sorry bout the totally unnecessary emotional message. I just wanted to 'bravo!' you for this post. (:
I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I really understand what you are talking about. I got into the SuJu fandom about one month ago, and they changed not only my attitude but also my confidence. I am so glad I got to know them :)

You don't need to be sorry. I loved reading about your experience :)

We have quite a few things in common. Friends? :)


9 years ago


9 years ago

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