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25 November 2006 @ 03:55 pm
Oh man, how awesome was the latest Heroes episode? It was bloody brilliant, one of the best yet I'd say! Embrace your inner freaks, people :)
Other than that, this week pretty much sucked. On monday I got my German test, and I have a C-. Considering that I always had a A- or a B when we still had our old teacher, I was 'literally angry with rage'. Um, yeah.
But I got an A in informatics, and this made the week somehow better. :P

[1]-[29] Harry Potter
[30]-[36] LotR Cast
[37]-[40] Audrey Tautou
[41]-[47] X-Men
[48]-[56] Jericho
[57]-[71] Heroes
[72]-[78] New York
[79] Juan Mann: Free Hugs Campaign
[80]-[87] Friends
[88]-[91] The Goonies

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Embrace your inner freak.Collapse )