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22 October 2006 @ 04:56 pm
Actually I was going to make more X-Men and Narnia icons, but I burned my right hand with very hot water this noon and now it's somewhat difficult to use the mouse... >.<" Yes, say it with me... I'm stupid.

[1]-[8] Harry Potter
[9]-[31] Lord of the Rings
[32]-[35] Aaron Stanford
[36]-[46] X-Men: Evolution
[47] X-Men Comics
[48] W.i.t.c.h.
[49]-[50] Liv Tyler
[51]-[55] Elijah Wood
[56] Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin & Dom Monaghan
[57]-[61] The Chronicles of Narnia
[62]-[63] Superdickery.com
[64]-[73] Lost (3x01 + C/C Promo Shots)
[74]-[75] X-Men

+ Please credit alfiri.
+ Do not modify / claim as your own.
+ Comments make me happy.
+ Feel free to friend me =)

Karl is way cooler than Jack and Sawyer :PCollapse )

ETA: I changed my layout colors and my header. Hehe, I love Frodo & Sam :)