Laura (alfiri) wrote,

80s movies icon post

I watched The Lost Boys in New Orleans on "bravo!", I think, and today I watched Back to the Future for the first time. Gosh, I knew the movies were good, but that awesome? So I got pretty obsessed with them, lol.

[1]-[10] Back to the Future
[11]-[28] The Goonies
[29]-[33] The Lost Boys

+ Please credit alfiri.
+ Do not modify / claim as your own.
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I'm taking 19 and 31 and citing you.
Again, none of this adds up to rent money, but if you're going to write blog posts occasionally, you should at least make UShr doing it, right.
What does Usher have anything to do with it? :)
They are fab! Taking #5 and will credit. :D
Snagging 14 and 23, will credit.
I'm taking number 3. Very pretty. Will credit if I use it.
You have a very high chance of getting flagged if you use it overseas right after getting it. I went on a cruise with my wife about a month after I got a card and it got flagged because I used it twice in the Bahamas.
what? huh?
snagging a few back to the future icons! :)
Marie Antoinette; Back to the Future; Arrested Development . Almost Famous; The X- Files . - Please comment, credit pastpending or danvers - NO HOT- LINKING.
its never too late to become an obsessed bttf fan...
3, 13, 14 & 16.
The lost boys ones are awesome too, but i have way to many icons cause it's my favourite movie ever.
Although i saw BTTF for the first time about a month ago and fell in love!
GREAT icons, will credit.
Snagging #3, will credit. Thanks! :-)
I love the second one. I'll be taking it and will give credit!
I took #22. will credit :)
snagging #22